The Lost Pyramid

The Lost Pyramid

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In The Lost Pyramid, get ready to uncover the secrets of an old civilization. The ancients have put so much effort into keeping their treasures hidden, but nothing stays hidden forever. With its two-person multiplayer mode, start solving the puzzle-filled levels of this game with your friend.

It's not surprising to find mummies inside a pyramid, but these long-deceased people are having trouble staying dead. Your objective is to complete each level by revealing the exit door on each level by collecting all yellow gems. This is a multiplayer game, and the game screen is split into two. You can see the female character at the top part, while the male character is located at the bottom. Each character has three lives, but if one of them dies, you'll lose the game. You can collect hearts to fill your health. From mummies to scorpions, you'll face many different enemies. The female character has a weapon, and she can use it to kill these monsters. You can see your ammo in the middle of the screen. The male character can use his fists to break crates. Can you discover the mysteries of this place together?

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How to play

For female character, use the WASD keys to move around and the F key to shoot. On male character, you can use the arrow keys to move around, the L key to punch and the K key to throw grenades.



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