Tank 1990

Tank 1990

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Tank 1990 free game online

In this version, tanks can float on the water if you take the boat. Opponents can choose different bonuses as well. For example, if an alien tank takes a star, it will also improve, like yours. The enemy can take a grenade that will destroy you. And all this radically changes the gameplay.

Blast your opponent with accurate shots in a high-octane, mini-tank Battle Royale! Micro Tanks is a fun, aiming, and accuracy-based skill game and tactical battle activity. Here, you play against the computer or a best friend/family member in a series of tiny tank clashes on a confined, obstacle-filled battlefield. Taking the role of both micro tank driver and gunner, you must try to eliminate your opponent with pinpoint cannon shots before it's too late!

Reasons to play this tank battle arcade game: This is a straight-forward, one-on-one movement and shooting game with no frills (There are no fancy power-ups, weapons upgrades, or expansive battlefields here. Just good old arcade fighting action!). Test and exercise your fast reactions, reflexes, and nimble keyboard control skills. Find out who's Micro Tank boss in your home or classroom in fun 2 Player mode!

Strategy to win: Although the contest is one-on-one with a clear view of the action, there are numerous obstacles and barriers which you can use as blockades and hiding spots from enemy fire. Avoiding a continuous 'open' battle is probably the best strategy to take. Try to use the confined battlefield's terrain and the ricocheting action of your missiles to your advantage, and shoot around corners.

How to play

How to Play: A Flash-based, 1 & 2 player, arrow-key shooting skill game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In Single-Player mode, you play against computer-controlled tanks in a series of increasingly-difficult one-on-one battles. In Two-Player mode, you battle against a friend, classmate or family member playing on the same computer.

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