Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles

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As if it wasn't sufficient to punch, kick, stab, and slit your enemies into oblivion, then you may use brutalities to absolutely pummel an enemy for multiple seconds and make bonus loot! If you want to make it into this last man to get brutality, yet, you'll have to time your moves carefully in this space to play with the game so that you don't take too many hits. Kill all of them, make gold, upgrade your weapons and control Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles.

You have got an arsenal of deadly swords, scythes, axes, as well as chainsaws waiting to be unlocked and upgraded. You've got an army of enemies just waiting to be removed by your mortal kung fu. On each stage, you reward for a perfect time with points and gold. But that's not all of what this online game provides.

How to play

How to Play: First, you have to create your custom Stickman to enter the Tournament. You must pick a name, give your Stickman a color, and select a level of difficulty. Now it’s time to get going! Choose which opponent you want to fight first – and get ready. Here’s how to control your Stickman with your computer keyboard:

Left Arrow (Run Left); Right Arrow (Run Right); Down Arrow (Dodge); A (Punch moves); S (Kick moves);
D (Grab/Throw moves); Q (Slow-motion punch moves); W (Slow-motion kick moves); E (Slow-motion grab/throw moves)

Keep an eye on your life and battery meters in the top left corner of the game screen. The life meter will go down as you get hit. The battery meter is different. The slow-motion moves are super cool and useful – but they will cost you battery points. If your battery runs out, you won’t be able to use them, but don’t worry, your battery recharges itself. After each fight, you receive a Save Code. Keep this code to use if you want to return to the Tournament later - and still have all your progress. Ready to go? Let’s get it started! Please show us what you’ve got!

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