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The Plumber is a fascinating and challenging puzzle game where you have to re-arrange and connect a set of jumbled individual pieces of pipe to create a continuous pipeline that allows water to flow from the starting tap through to the endpoint (the overflow pipe). Under severe time pressure, you have to quickly rotate the various bend pieces and straight piping parts to form a viable channel for the water to travel through. Once your pipeline is complete, you can start water flow and progress to the next challenge!

This innovative maze-based construction game requires quick logical thinking on your hands and knees (You have less than 45 seconds to construct a pathway for the water in each level). This problem-solving brain teaser is an ideal activity for players who enjoy a fast-paced puzzle with a real-life concept (everyday plumbing issues). Good observation and decision making skills are essential (Will you spot when you’ve made an error in direction?) If you realize that you have started down an impossible pathway early enough, you might have enough time to rectify the situation. Plumbing and water routing sure can pack a brain-teasing punch! Let’s see how far your pipeline building skills can take you!

How to play

How to Play: In each increasingly difficult level, you have to quickly construct a continuous pipeline that runs from the Tap in the top left corner to the Exit Target (the overflow pipe) in the bottom right corner. To do this, you have to click, rotate, and correctly connect the many adjustable lines in between. The catch is that you think and play against the clock. When the game begins, use your computer mouse or touchpad to click on any individual piece of pipe to rotate it in a clockwise direction. Keep adjusting the pipe pieces to form a continuous line. Once you complete your pipeline, click on the Tap's circular wheel in the top left corner of the game screen to start the flow of water. If your channel is built correctly (and runs smoothly to the Target), you progress to the next level. The faster you complete the classes, the more points you score toward your total.

Keep an eye on the Green Timer at the top of the play zone, which ticks down (turning red) as you get to work. If this timer runs down to empty (completely red) before you have completed your pipeline, it's game over. Likewise, if you start the flow of water through an incomplete channel, it's also curtains. If you fail a level at any stage, you have to begin the game all over again from Level 1. See if you can work out a good strategy for approaching and building each pipeline. Enjoy your work!

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