Dark Master and Light Maiden

Dark Master and Light Maiden

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Dark Master and Light Maiden, get ready to witness the unusual friendship of two different characters. Found themselves in a challenging situation, these supernatural characters need your help to find the exit. Can you complete all the levels by overcoming various obstacles on the way?

Featuring 15 levels for you to complete, an exciting journey is waiting for you in this game. Your objective is simple. It would help if you took both of the characters to the right doors at the end of the level. One of your characters is Darkmaster, and the other one is Lightmaiden. Each of these characters is immune to puddles in the color of their alignment so that the dark character can walk through dark puddles, and the same goes for the light character. Each level has different puzzles in them. It would help if you used both of the characters to solve these. You can play the game either by yourself or with another player by sharing the same keyboard. Try to collect all the flames. Only then the exit door will become available for your characters to pass through. Good luck, and have fun!

How to play

Use the left and the right arrow keys to move around. Press the SPACE BAR to switch between characters. Use the up arrow key to jump and the E key to use objects, such as levels


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